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Get out in front…by beginning your 2021 health and fitness journey now!


What are we talking about…

Whether you are still on vacation, have returned to work or actually didn’t take a break over this period … the excuses seem to still be out in the open. Things like…”Oh I need to have more time to recover”…”I’ll start once I have got back into the routine of work”…”I just don’t have time at the moment”… are heard in your own head, or said by someone else around you on a daily basis. Get out in front, by taking these steps to beginning your 2021 the best way possible.

Steps to getting out in front:

  1. If it is going to be a beautiful sunny day…get up early, get your training done, and get out in front so you can enjoy the afternoon without the guilt. This is one of the best tips for the summer time…
  2. Think of why you are training… You may have made some goals which you want to achieve this year…they won’t become achievable unless you apply yourself now!
  3. Start with movement… You don’t have to go an train in the gym for 2 hours, or run on the treadmill until you have no sweat left…Simply move, get in the gym or go for a short run. The process of applying yourself and getting out in front can be done by small steps (1 step in front…is still in front).

Can I begin my training at the gym now?

The Olympic is fully operational again…that means our group fitness classes are running, the gym is open, the pool is crystal clear and our staff are back to keep you motivated. There are no excuses not to get out in front and make the best start possible to your 2021.


Grab a free pass!

If you are wanting to trial our gym and classes…we are offering an exclusive free 7 day pass…simply click  here and apply today.


“Let’s smash 2021 and become fitter, happier, healthier versions of ourselves.”