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Alert Level in Auckland, down to level 1!


The Covid-19 alert level in our great city of Auckland has been moved down to level 1. This is an amazing effort, and we thank each of you who made sure to follow the lockdown and level 2 rules to keep this time around short and effective. 

What does this mean for you at The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre under alert level 1 in Auckland…


  • Normal class size capacity

    All of our group fitness classes have returned to full capacity. This means bookings are no longer required under level 1. We still recommend booking in advance for your favourite classes (to ensure you get preferred space)…and you can do this here:

  • Unrestricted Equipment

    You may have noticed that equipment was spaced out on the gym floor, and each second cardio machine was blocked off…under level 2. We are now safely able to open up the whole gym floor, increase the amount of equipment, and free up those lovely treadmills and bikes.

    Remember: Always spray and wipe down gym equipment when finished. We have stalls all through the gym with bottles and paper towels. Keep it clean and hygienic.

  • Water Fountains are back…

    We apologize for the restrictions on these during level 2…but this is the enforcement we have to follow to operate safely. Under alert level 1, the water fountains are all back on. Stay hydrated, fuel up.

  • Sauna, Spa and Steam Room

    Thank you for assisting in the social distancing in these areas. We are now back to full capacity, and you will be able to use these facilities at all hours of operation.

  • The Arena is back

    Our awesome interval training, boot-camp session is back on. Time to tone up, sweat out, and smash your workouts in the cage. Check the timetable here


If you are unsure about returning to the facility, or feeling unwell at all…we recommend staying at home.  The Olympic strives to be a safe environment for all, and we wish to keep it that way.

We are very happy to be back at alert level 1, and look forward to helping you achieve your 2021 goals. 


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