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Kick start the move back to level 2 in Auckland, by creating your own list of 20 tasks in 20 day’s.

The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre is back open, and with it…you can finally come back to the swimming pool, gym and group fitness classes.

Lockdown (for the majority of us), can be very tiring and nearly impossible to find any motivation to work on your health and fitness…That is why this little restart is so good to kick your butt back in to action.

The Goal:

Create a list of 20 different goals or tasks that you wish to achieve over the next 20 days. These should be things that work towards improving your own personal health and fitness.

The List:

Brainstorm ideas….Don’t go to list the 20 immediately. Think about things you wish to work on…such as fitness, wellness, or even friendships…

Write down any task that comes to mind, and don’t worry if you create more than 20…


If you are stuck for ideas on tasks in 20 day’s, here is a list of a few options…

  • No Fast Food for 20 Day’s
  • Save $10 to your savings per day for 20 Day’s
  • Go to The Olympic gym for an hour every day for 20 day’s
  • Complete 12 Olympic Group Fitness Classes over the 20 Day’s
  • Complete 20,000 steps per day for 20 Day’s
  • Swim 10,000m over the next 20 day’s


Share your list of 20 tasks in 20 day’s with a friend, get them to share theirs with you.

Keep each other accountable to accomplish your goals.


You’ve got this…

Trust the process, you will be amazed how much change you can create over a 20 day period of committing 100% effort. Make your 20 tasks in 20 day’s, start with the action…