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I found myself stuck in a rut, coming into the gym and doing the same workouts over and over. No matter how much I love The Olympic gym, these repetitive workouts took the enjoyment out of it. Monday chest, Tuesday shoulders and so on. Not only was I not enjoying myself, but the results were not apparent.

The Spark

Then last Thursday evening happened. While going through the motions of a sub par shoulder workout I walked past the front desk and discovered that there was available space in the 5:30pm Arena class. I thought “OK let’s give this a go”. 30 minutes later I am drenched in sweat, gulping water and out of breath. It was fantastic. I haven’t participated in many group fitness classes, but this was definitely the best. 30 minutes high octane full body movements….loved it. I left feeling awesome. This was possibly the endorphins speaking, but wow ok I want to do this a lot more.

Group fitness is awesome

It is that simple. Group fitness is awesome. Whether you are a high energy person who needs direction, the trainer’s are professional and there to make you peak. Or if you are more like me, who had lost motivation, there is nothing like the energy you get from the other members participating and the class instructor. Olympic members are wonderful, and training with a group inspires so much passion. Just like the current promo ‘bring a friend for free’. The Olympic is more than just a fitness HUB, it is a centre for not only fitness, but social and happy fitness. It is easy to get into the individual constraint, but trust me. It is more enjoyable with a friend.

There is so much variety.

For those who don’t know the expansive range The Olympic offers , has the entire range and timetable. You can master the tour de France in the Peloton, smash the heck out of the bags in Impact, sculpt that washboard in Coreflex, enter The Arena and find your harmony with Yoga. I plan from now on to do as many classes as possible whenever I can fit it in. These are the most down to earth friendly and inspiring group fitness classes you will find in an Auckland gym.

Why not?

There is nothing to lose from giving it a go. I promise that heading to these awesome classes will renew your fitness passion. There are so many benefits from Group Fitness for your body, and the variation that The Olympic offer’s covers all aspects, strength, conditioning, aerobic, well-being, everything.

Take back your desire to be great, to be fit, to be happy.

Try Group Fitness.


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