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Sometimes you just get sick of following that black line up and down the pool. Amateur or professional swimmer, lap after lap of the same thing can take the enjoyment away for anyone. HIIT (High intensity interval training) has so many benefits within the pool training environment.

Here is a session that you can follow along with that keep the sets fun, tough and enjoyable.

The Session

100 warm up freestyle / backstroke

4 x 50m : 1 kick, I pull, I kick, 1 pull : 20 secs rest after each 50m
(try with kickboard, put between legs for pull)

4 x 100m Freestyle : Increasing effort each 100m: 45 secs after each
(1st 60%, 2nd 70 %, 3rd 80%, 4th 90-100%)

2 x 100m Freestyle : Technique and control : 45 secs rest after each
(Focus on long strokes, easy and relaxed outside the water, powerful and catching the water on the inside)

4 x 50m Freestyle : Build each 50m: 30 secs rest after each
(Start easy and progress to full out sprinting at the end of the lap)

100m Easy warm down
(Any stroke, relax and take it easy)

This session suits all levels. If you find the distance is too much adjust it slightly (2 x 100m instead).
Or if there is not enough volume, add more repetitions (8 x 100m instead).
Give it a go, make the most out of The Olympic Pool.

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