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Cycling is everywhere at the moment

From the Tour De France to kiwi sailors spinning their way to an America’s cup victory, it is easy to be inspired by these amazing athletes.

Powerful legs are a key component to not only a great physique but overall fitness levels. As the old saying goes, the stronger the tree trunk the more stable and healthy the tree.

What happens in a spin class?

Spin classes utilize key components by mixing up the cadence, sprints and hill climbs. Immerse yourself into an intense, exciting workout. No matter your current fitness and strength levels, the amount of effort you put in is up to you. These training methods relate to both Tour De France athletes and Team NZ sailors with the emphasis on getting back what you put in.

What does this do for my fitness?

The combination of intensity levels gets that heart rate up and those calories burning. Pump those hills, and build strong muscles and endurance.

When can I do spin classes?

The Olympic Peloton class runs all week, and you can find the schedule at

Classes are run by professional instructors, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm.

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