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Accelerate your fitness with Spin classes at The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre.

First of all, what is spin?

Spin is the name of The Olympic’s indoor 45-minute cycling group fitness class. It involves so much more than simply sitting on a stationary bike and moving your legs…Below you can read about what the class involves and how to improve your skills while getting the most out of each session.

Our classes focus on:

  5. JUMPS


It is important to have your bike set up correctly, to ensure that you can ride properly and avoid any lower back or knee pain.

  • Our instructors at The Olympic are always monitoring the class to ensure proper set-up and technique…here is a great article to help BIKE SET-UP


  • Adjust the gear (resistance) to a level that pushes against your leg slightly, with a lot of room to move heavier. This is your Sprint resistance.
  • When an instructor gears you up for sprinting, the aim is to move your legs as fast as possible.
  • Pro tip – dip your toes slightly to create a smaller circle.
  • Sprints can go from 15 – 90 seconds…and are an amazing way to improve your fast-twitch fibers.


Climbing means, cycling up a hill. The emphasis on adding a resistance that simulates the steepness of the gradient. The heavier the gear… the steeper and harder the class works up the hill.

  • Standing Climb: Here we are turning our gear (resistance) to a very heavy level…it should feel as if the pedals are gripping and grabbing and it is hard to keep the legs moving. Power out of the seat, and grab for the end of the handlebars.

    Pro Tip: Move your body side to side to help push your legs.

  • Power Climb / Seated Climb: Heavy resistance on the legs…but this time we are remaining in the seat. Move your butt back and make the most of your powerful hamstrings to push through the hill.

    Pro Tip: Grab the handlebars on the side, grip, and pull your legs through each side.

  • Climbing can go anywhere from 30 – 200 seconds…and will quickly improve your fitness and strength.


Attacking in Spin is the level in-between Sprinting and Climbing. A standing attack is:

  • Out of your seat, with a medium to heavy gear.
  • Body slightly leaning forward over the handlebars, with your chest up high.
  • Legs are moving as fast as you can push the heavier gear.

    Pro Tip: Aim to keep the body as stationary as possible while moving the legs quickly. Keep your core engaged, and push away from the handlebars.


Jumps are quick explosive acceleration out of your seat into an attack, then back to a power climb.

  • The resistance is medium to heavy. Enough to power you out of the seat.
  • Explode out of the seat into a fast attack when the instructor announces.
  • Jumps can be for 4-30 seconds, and you need to stay alert to keep on track.

    Pro Tip: Don’t hold back. Jumps work wonders for your body. They can accelerate your fitness like nothing else.


The reality is…the class will only be as beneficial for your body as the effort that you put in. No person is too much of an amateur to join the class, and nobody is so much of an expert that they can’t push themselves. The class doesn’t get easier, rather you find a way to progress and get better…every session.

After the class, you will experience a rush of endorphins, sweat all over your body, and a big smile on your face. Accelerate your fitness with Spin at The Olympic.


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