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Group Fitness At The Olympic

The Olympic has a great range of group fitness classes that are motivating, fun and running everyday during level 2 and into level 1. While the names might be the same and the awesome instructors are still charging you through a great workout…some of our protocol has changed to ensure customer safety and efficiency. This blog will help you understand the class types, when they run, what to do/ bring and how to book them at The Olympic!

We are open:

Level 2 is here, and that means that you can physically attend group fitness. Our Live Stream classes went incredibly well over lockdown….with high attendance, and some familiar faces trying some new things…but for those that are feeling comfortable enough, and are in a safe position to do so, in-person classes are up and running…and on fire (might we add). 

New Rules and Restrictions:

The first thing that we want to explain is that Covid-19 safety levels are very much still in place, and we insist that all customers, members and staff obey these rules. In the group fitness studio this means:

  • Physical Distancing (2m radius)
  • No equipment swapping 
  • Minimal contact between others – no high fives and very little chit chat. 
  • Bring your own Yoga Mate, Boxing Gloves and Sweat towel. 
  • Class restrictions (Studio 24 people, and Spin 18 maximum). 

Bookings are essential:

To ensure that you are getting a space for your classes, we insist on booking beforehand. This can be done up to 7 days in advance (for fairness), and to make sure that members are following through with bookings. 

Maximum Occupancy:

Spin Room = 18 people Maximum

Group Fitness Studio = 24 person Maximum

How to book:


  • Log in to your members portal and make the booking yourself – CLICK HERE
  • Email your classes to us at Reception – EMAIL US 


  • At reception desk

Make sure to contact us if you have any issues with the process online. Otherwise, we are more than happy to help at reception, and book the classes for you. 

New class!

We love our Arena class, but because of the enclosed space and equipment change…we have had to modify it to our new class HIIT. Being held in the main group fitness studio, HIIT combines full-body exercise into a 30/40 minute High-Intensity Interval Training session. Your endorphins will flow, sweat will drip…and you will love yourself afterwards. 


New Timetable:

We have adjusted our schedule to ensure that we can maintain safe procedures in and out of the class. Times and options have changed, and you can view our full schedule by clicking the link below –



Online Classes:

We have created a special page to view and stream The Olympic fitness classes. All current fitness members will be able to gain access and workout alongside your favourite trainers.

Join our Facebook Private Group Here

We will be streaming 1 of each Yoga, HIIT and Impact each week… looking to add more classes as we progress.

The Olympic Facebook page will no longer share full fitness classes for all to view.


Let’s make the most of this re-start, and find our fitness with group classes.

Always feel free to reach out, we would love to hear from you.