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Let’s start 2020 with the best plan of attack, for you to reach your health and fitness goals. This year, 2020, it feels exciting, it feels full of potential. Because of that, we need to make the most of what we can accomplish…and that begins right now. 


1)The first thing is to write down your health and fitness goals!

If you haven’t done this already, write down a list of the health and fitness goals you wish to accomplish, grow or achieve for the year. This list doesn’t need to be specific, and it doesn’t need to be anyone else’s business. It is your list, for yourself. It could be things like…1) Be more mindful… 2) Attend more group fitness classes…3) Work out before work…etc. Very broad examples of potential goals.

Go ahead…write them down…take your time…

2) Plan out how you are going to achieve these goals!

You now have your list of things you want to accomplish. The next step is making a decisive plan of attack, as to how you are going to create a system that will produce results and success.

For example…If you had a goal of “Attending more group fitness classes”…Then you should go ahead and plan the classes you want to attend, write them down in your calendar and commit to yourself by following through with your plan of attack.

A schedule like this….

Monday – 6 AM – Spin Class
Tuesday – 12:15 – Impact Class
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – 7 AM – The Arena
Friday – Rest Day
Saturday – 8:30 AM – Spin
Sunday – 5:30 PM – Yoga

Or it might be adjusting your alarm…because you want to get up earlier and make the most of the day. Don’t jump into waking up hours earlier than what you are used to. Instead, make small increments to the alarm. Perhaps, 10 minutes earlier each day…until you reach your goal wake up time.

Make a detailed calendar with steps through the day that are aligned with your goals in mind. Use something simple like Google Calander, which you can set alarms and reminders for on all devices.

3) Take pride in fulfilling your daily schedule, as part of the effort to reach your health and fitness goals!

One of the most gratifying feelings, is the way you feel after following through with plans and tasks that you set yourself. It sounds so simple…but is extremely true. And the more often we follow through with ourselves on daily tasks, we begin to develop good habits. All of a sudden it will be natural for you to wake up at 6 AM, go to the gym before work, and feel super content by the time you hit the hay at night. Each day is important, in the process of reaching your health and fitness goals for 2020. 


4) One step at a time…

The truth is…You are not going to reach your health and fitness goals overnight. The old cliche’, “nothing worth having comes easy”, well it is kinda true. A tree doesn’t grow overnight, it starts with a little seed in the ground. Take pride in what was already mentioned, fulfilling each day’s plan of attack. 

Go out there, make 2020 the year that defines you, and grows you into the person you want to be.


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