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The weather is seriously heating up…So we wanted to share a few great tips for you to beat the heat at The Olympic.

Now that summer is here, the switch quickly flips from (when will it get warm) to (oh, it’s too hot). The warm weather comes around quickly. And with it, a scorching sun. It is great for days at the beach and evening Barbeques. But finding a way to get your body comfortable is not so easy. So below we have listed a short little list of things that can help you to beat the heat at The Olympic.

  1. Jump into the pool!

    This is number 1, the best idea to cool your body down. Our 50m swimming pool in Auckland is sitting at a perfect 27 Degrees Celsius. Once you emerge your whole body under…you will notice a great change.

  2. Workout!

    The Olympic Fitness Centre has an AMAZING air conditioning system. As soon as you enter the gym from the bridge, you can feel the difference. It keeps you cool, while you are looking cool pumping those weights.

  3. Cold shower by the Sauna!

    Short interim intervals in the sauna with a cold shower in between will make you feel like a million bucks.  The cold water can reduce stress, improve energy…Give it a go, try a quick cold shower followed by 3 minutes in the sauna. Then sets of a 30-second shower, 3-minute sauna and 1 minute sit and rest.

    Disclaimer – We do not recommend having long extended sauna sessions when the air temperature is so hot.


So there you go…Nice and simply laid out for you. The next time you find yourself melting from the sun, come and give The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre a visit. Our staff and facility will definitely help you beat the heat.