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The benefits of Saunas, and why you should be making them part of your weekly routine. 

Saunas, the hot room, a place of sweat and relaxation. But, aside from making you sweat…what are the benefits of being in such a room? 

We have listed below some seriously great benefits to using saunas, and why you should be making them part of your regular health and fitness routines. 


Saunas help with your immune system.

Yes, Saunas help strengthen and protect your immune system.

A session in the Sauna promotes the production, and circulation of white blood cells in your body. People who use Saunas frequently were found to have a higher white blood cell count, than those that don’t (Click for more).

What does this mean? Well, essentially using the sauna will help defend your body against illness. Bonus.


Muscle recovery and fatigue

A study of endurance athletes found that regular sauna sessions increased the production of endorphins within the body. Making it easier for recovery!

Red blood cell volume has been seen to increase by people attending saunas frequently…This directly relates to athletic performance and recovery, as red blood cells deliver oxygen to the muscles. (click for more).

Saunas flush toxins

One of the ways that our amazing human body flushes toxins is through sweat.

Sweating a lot, and to use the word profusely, forces the body to remove harmful and unhealthy toxins that have been absorbed in several different ways.

In a good sauna session, sweating a lot will directly help with this.


Social interaction

The sauna can be a great place to have a conversation and meet new people. A great sauna, like the one you can find at  The Olympic, has plenty of space to share with friends. 


The Olympic Sauna is open 7 Days a week and available for members, and the public. Improve your health and wellbeing by adding sauna sessions into your routines.