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Get your body ready for the beach season!

“Failing to plan, is planning to fail”…Such an old cliche’, but one that holds weight in truth. So often, it gets to December, January…and we fear pulling out our togs and lounging on the beach. T-Shirts stay on, and we shy away from being confident in our bodies. Let’s change that, and make sure that when it gets to the warmer months when we are ready for the beach season. 


Make a goal today:

Write something down, tell a friend, keep yourself accountable…be clear with what it is you want to get done. For example…

  • I will go to 3 Spin classes per week
  • I will NOT eat any fast food for two weeks

Make these goals something you can obtain. Then once you start ticking them off, start to develop more challenging tasks…such as:

  • I will do 4 x Arena Sessions every week for a month, and make sure to drink 3L of water per day…


Love your body!

This will sound silly….but smile at yourself in your birthday suit. Confidence and fitness go hand-in-hand. Love your body, and love the work you put in to make it look, however it looks. We are our own worst critics, and this needs to stop. Get your mind right, while you work on getting your body right and ready for the beach season.  


When you get the chance…go for the healthy option…

Diet and nutrition plans can be awesome for getting massive results…but we don’t always have to make such drastic steps to make real change. 

Next time you are at the supermarket, or at a restaurant…or heck, if you are getting fast food…think to yourself “I am going to choose the healthier alternative”. For example…If you are going to get white bread…stop…think about it…go with a nice mixed grain option instead, which has fiber, vitamins, and often protein…compared to the processed flour and sugars of white bread (which basically has no nutritional value). 


October will be over sooner than you think, start today, get ready for the beach season. 

The Olympic has a huge range of group fitness classes, personal trainers, and instructors to keep you motivated and moving. Make sure to visit our facility today, and accelerate your results.