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Get Fit with HIIT classes at The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre.


Want a tip to speed up your progress…?

Do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to get fit with HIIT.

What it means?

To put HIIT into simple terms….it is the combination of multiple sets / exercises for short sharp bursts, with small amounts of rest.

What this does?

First of all, your heart rate will quickly jump up and stay up…Burning calories and feeling great!

Secondly, your muscles are being pumped. Doing lots of reps and sets will rapidly begin to load up your strength and muscle endurance.

The combination of both = Fast results, great physique and feeling awesome.


Where can I do this?

The Olympic has two specific HIIT classes.

The first is called The Arena…which combines interval training with functional equipment use over a 30 minute session. Very intense. Very much worthwhile.

The second is called HIIT. This is a 45 minute session which incorporates body-weight movements, rather than equipment…and gives you a slightly longer rest….but makes you work hard during the sets.

Both sessions are amazing, and will rapidly have you getting fit, strong and most of all feeling great.


Get fit with HIIT classes, at The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre.