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What is The Arena?

The Arena is a group fitness programme that exists only at The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre, a space where the basic technique of alternating periods of extremely high-intensity exercise with short rest periods for a specific number of sets. Using complexes of strength-based movements and short, intense bursts of cardio, kettlebells, free weights, dumbbells, the TRX Suspension Trainer & other gear, offer the perfect fitness fusion and fat loss in less time than many other workout programmes.

Arena Cycles:

With up to 6 Arena classes a day there is bound to be a session to suit that you can squeeze in. Being time-crunched is exactly why The Arena intensity is so effective at getting great results. Shorter stints – at higher intensity. Arena sessions use literally hundreds of different ways to target your problem areas and achieve the exact results you are after.

Why You Should Incorporate Arena into your workout programme:

The Arena hits you with an awesome aerobic, anaerobic, power and strength workout fused into one. No more boring long, arduous cardiovascular exercises on a machine. Our Arena instructors offer hundreds of exercises to blast in to. Fun, effective and efficient Arena workouts. Moves for everybody. This means if your new or experienced our instructors guide you to start at the right level or to rev you up if you need to be pushed harder.

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