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With the availability of in-home workout videos, what are the benefits of joining a fitness class at the gym? If you lack the motivation to exercise on your own or you are a beginner to group fitness workouts, group fitness classes at a city gym may offer you several great benefits to improving your health and fitness levels.

Advantages Of Group Fitness Classes In An Auckland Gym
  1. A fitness instructor keeps a watchful eye

An experienced fitness instructor leads all group exercise classes. This is particularly beneficial for newbies who are new to a particular form of exercise and are unfamiliar with the correct form to use. A fitness instructor will be able to correct any mistakes they might make and so prevent any injuries from occurring.

  1. Motivation and accountability

Being surrounded by supportive and encouraging individuals is a huge motivation towards keeping your fitness goals on track. Attending classes regularly makes it easy to form friendships that add another layer to boosting your motivation and accountability. When you exercise on your own, it’s easier to make excuses for missing a session: you’re too tired, or need to complete one or more hours of work. Also, if you signed up for a membership or a group fitness concession card, you want to make sure you are getting great value for money by actually using it!

  1. Structured workout

There is a pre-defined structure to a group fitness class that is divided into specific phases: the warm-up, main workout, and cool down period. Two common mistakes people make when exercising is forgoing warming up the muscles and the stretching or cool down exercises. Missing out on these phases can result in injuries.

  1. Fitness fun

Not many people associate improving fitness with fun. However, exercise classes like Impact or our small group training sessions in The Arena can be heaps of fun. Connecting with a class and instructor definitely helps to keep you committed and motivated. 

 Do you think you could benefit from the routine and support offered by a group fitness class? At our Auckland city gym, we offer a range of exercises in a group setting. Visit The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre today to join a fitness class and take a proactive step to boosting your health and fitness.