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Hey Olympic members….welcome to today’s OPFC update.

Below you can find out what is happening at Newmarket’s fitness centre.


July has been a nasty, cold month…with lots of changes in the weather. It is hard to stay nice and healthy when you are not sure what to expect when you walk outside.


In most workplace environments, schools or even in your family, we have seen a sudden burst in people getting the flu. 


If this has been you…don’t stress it, make sure you revitalise, rebuild your immunity system with your nutrition and slowly build back into your fitness regime. 


We recommend easing into cardio workouts, especially if you have had any sort of chest/throat infection. A great alternative is to try out the Steam Room and Sauna Room. These get you breathing deeply, opening the pores, and gently detoxifying your body. 


Group Fitness:


The Spin Room

  • New/updated soundproofing tiles
  • Improved space and set up of spin bikes. 
  • Spin / not peloton anymore 
  • Get into SPIN
  • Check out the timetable 


Lance’s Kickboxing Class

  • Special opportunity for you guys’ to improve your martial art skills with the master himself. 
  • Every Saturday morning from 8:15 – 8:45 am. 
  • Great way to master IMPACT




Handrail – 

We have upgraded the handrail by the stairs at reception. Recently we had noticed that the rail, was becoming slightly less stable. This has been fixed, and now, is as solid as a rock. We apologise if it caused any inconvenience while being replaced.  


Hot Water Storage Cylinder –

This is to be completely replaced with a brand new cylinder. Everything going according to plan, the changeover will incur no disruptions to our members and customers. 


Things to come….


Keep your eyes and ears open for more information about a special Olympic Challenge….

We will be announcing more information soon. 


Smash it!


Enjoy the rest of your week, and the last week of school holidays. 

All the best, and thanks for reading our Tuesday update. 


The Olympic