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Reset your fitness with The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre.

Okay, let’s be honest…so far 2023 has been rather disruptive. The weather hasn’t given us a break and apparently it is the end of summer (did it happen?). So, what are you going to do now? Slowly continue and carry on as things are…We say no! Now is a better time than ever to reset your fitness and get your 2023 back on track. Below we have described a few great ways to do this.

Think about what exercise you would like to do…

Yup, simple.

What do you like to do, or what do you think you should be doing for your health and fitness.

For example, if you want to strengthen your core and hips, then HIIT Pilates is perfect.
Or perhaps you want to improve your endurance? Run, Swim, Bike!
Do you enjoy getting a pump in the gym? Pick up some weights.

Make a plan:

Ok, these first two are going to seem rather cliché, but sometimes that is exactly what you need. The best advice isn’t always the most  complex.

Yes make a plan.

Go to your calendar and start planning out activities for the week.

Google Calendar is an easy tool to add times and activities with…but use whatever you are comfortable with.

Swim on Monday at 6:00 am at The Olympic.

Walk on Tuesday at 7:00 pm with (best friend)…

By creating a way of keeping yourself accountable, you are more likely to follow through. Go step by step…create a plan for the week, but focus on the daily activities. After all, to run a marathon you only need to move one foot at a time.

Small steps:

Start ticking through the plan that you have made. Start with one activity / exercise at a time. Once you start doing that consistently, you will develop a habit. There is no need to stress about missing a workout occasionally, as long as you are planning and trying to commit to the best you can.

Compound Growth:

This is real. Compound growth is not only a financial term…it applies to your health and fitness. Think of your journey as a tree being planted. For the roots to develop and the tree to start growing it takes a lot of work, and the change seems so small at the start. Yet, quickly the tree grows…develops branches. If you create a big enough base, and keep working on adding to it…the growth starts to become exponential.


Get started:

Think about what you want to do.

Make a plan.

Start small.

Make 2023 the best year for your health and fitness.