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The Cold is here…

We can all feel it….winter is coming.

And with winter, we want comfort.

What does that lead to?

Comfort food.


There is no shaming here, we all have been guilty of skipping out on the healthy option for something that makes us (in the short term) happy and less hungry. An app delivery from a burger chain rather than getting up and making breakfast lunch or dinner, because we don’t want to go out in the cold. It is fine, we deserve a cheat meal every now and then. But in winter…it is too easy for this to become a habit.


At The Olympic in Newmarket, we believe in inspiring and encouraging….rather than judgement or criticism. Simple little improvements can help make a big change.

So, listed below you can find a short snippet of amazing and healthy meals that will hopefully inspire you to eat better, cook more, and keep you warm and looking great all through the Auckland winter.


Our Winter Warmer healthy food ideas:

1) Homemade bolognese.

Super simple and absolutely delicious.


Go with wholemeal spaghetti….tastes good, cooks easier and much fewer carbs than regular spaghetti…
Prime mince for less fat.
Olive oil….no butter.
Carrots!!!!! – shave a whole bunch. Makes the sauce taste sweet.

The more time you put into a bolognese….the better the result and taste.

2)  Burger with Kumara chips.


Don’t be afraid of the name, well-cooked burgers without the processed meats are high in protein and good fats.


Use high-quality beef patties, or make your own smash pattie.
Fry, some onion to add into the burger (free nutrients).
Keep things simple….Pattie (could even be a yummy vegetarian one), wholemeal buns (grilled!!!!!!), a small amount of cheese, low-fat aioli or chipotle sauce, lettuce, tomato…..mouth is watering.

The Kumara chips you can buy frozen, or simply cut your own and bake them in the oven.


3) The perfect omelette with grainy toast.

Eggs are the best thing since sliced bread and the perfect meal for before or after training.


Butter in the pan until slightly brown.
Whisk the eggs until they are a beautiful consistent colour.
Pour into the pan, use a spatula to bring the outsides to the middle to make sure all the eggs get cooked.
Hold and lean the pan to one side, then fold half the egg on top of the other.

Perfect. Eat.
Add vegetables of preference if you want to be extra good.


4) Prawn Stir Fry

So many veggies, and so, so easy.


Be adventurous. Vegetables are great, and in a stir fry, it is hard to go wrong.
Don’t overcook the prawns.
Lime is your best weapon.


Ok, there you have 4 little options that can inspire you to make better decisions. You work hard, train hard…don’t lose all the amazing progress from The Olympic gym.   They are meal ideas that we can all relate to and follow. Nothing crazy or far too out there, but simple delicious options that will keep you happy. You are normal (amazing) humans, and we want to be realistic.


Tell us:

We would love to hear from our gym goers or group fitness enthusiasts so that we can cook our way all through winter. Share your recipes with members, and let us know what healthy homemade options you like to eat in the colder months.


Next post….the right way to cheat meal.

The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre