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Anyone can fall victim to heart disease, but those with a family history of heart problems or with an unhealthy lifestyle have increased vulnerability to it. The positive side to this is that simple changes to your daily routine (such as including exercise) can greatly reduce your risk of it developing. Below are some of the ways that a health and fitness regime can improve your heart (and overall) health:

  • It Improves Blood Circulation

Cardiovascular exercise is great for improving blood circulation and getting your blood pumping. This increased heart rate helps prevent the blood clots that cause blocked arteries. A fitness professional at your local gym can also assist you by explaining the cardiovascular exercises that are most effective, as well as best suited to your specific fitness level and health concerns.

  • It Strengthens Your Heart

Like any muscle, the heart can be strengthened through regular exercise. The stronger it becomes, the easier it is for it to pump blood through your body per beat. This in turn lowers your normal heart rate, helping to reduce (or even prevent) high blood pressure and related symptoms in some people. If you have an existing heart condition, make sure you inform your GP of your intention to exercise and take care not to overexert yourself.

  • It Reduces stress

High stress levels are closely linked to heart disease. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce stress, thus reducing your risk of heart disease. Exercise is also a crucial factor when it comes to recovering from heart related illnesses and treatment.

  • It Aids in weight loss

Being overweight increases the threat of various health problems, including heart disease. Improving your overall fitness level through regular exercising decreases the probability of serious heart problems such as a heart attack. To maximise the benefits of your physical activity, you should combine regular workouts with a heart healthy diet.

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