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Winter in Auckland is cold, wet and windy. Does that sound like great conditions for running?

Some of you might say yes…and we tip our hats to you.

But for the majority, running in this weather is not that nice, and it is very hard to stay motivated.

Has the treadmill become your go to? Or have you not yet made this new friend?

We have listed below some tips and tricks to ensure that you keep enjoying your workouts on the treadmill.


Treadmill Tips

  • The treadmill is still running – Don’t be ashamed
  • Prepare like it is a proper run – Stretch, warm up…but on your vaseline
  • Run at a comfortable pace in the beginning
  • Add some interval training  – 500m easy / 500m fast etc (Click here for some examples)
  • Start and stop – For example, 700m running and then 300m walking (repeat)
  • Use the incline – Decrease your speed, and run up that hill

Treadmill Tricks

  • Wear headphones, and listen to your own audio (podcasts or music)
  • Watch TV – Stay distracted, rather than watching the time or distance
  • Have a rest and restart
  • Work on your running technique – Click here for some great advice
  • Pre warm up with some leg swings and high knees


Winter won’t last forever, but the work that you put in now will make all the difference.

The treadmills at The Olympic are really nice to use, and provide a comfortable platform for your running.

We hope to see you on these soon, improving your cardio, getting that runners high and putting in the work.