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Nick’s Swim

Give this session a go in the pool!

Whether you have been swimming regularly or thinking about getting back into pool…this session gives you a great foundation to build up your fitness and get a great total distance without the boredom.

Warm Up: 

200m Freestyle

Main Set:

7 x 100m Freestyle (30 seconds rest)

5 x 100m Pull (30 seconds rest) / Use a pull buoy, and paddles if you have them.

4 x 100m Kick (30 seconds rest) / Use a kickboard if you have one

Warm Down:

200m Freestyle


Notes on the session:

Warm up – Start slow, relax…stretch out…add some backstroke to open up the shoulders.

Main Set – 30 S.R. = 30 Seconds Rest…If this is too much for your fitness level, bring it down to 15 seconds…or try increasing the speed. The rest is between each 100m…make sure to have at least a minute between at the end of the 7 x, 5 x, etc…

Tip: Don’t ignore the kick…think about keeping your feet under the water, and hips high.