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Want gym results? Ask a professional.

If you are looking at making the most out of your gym membership, then you should speak with a personal trainer or one of our on-hand fitness instructors at The Olympic.

If you are an Olympic member currently or looking at joining up, we offer a fitness assessment and personal workout program to our gym members*. So what does this include?

  1. The Assessment:

    Speak with the team at reception, in the gym, or simply send us an email…so we can find a time to book in with a fitness instructor. At the assessment we will go through a professional health check which includes looking at your Fitness Level, Blood Pressure, Flexibility, and discuss any ongoing injuries or concerns. The instructor will also discuss with you, your goals, competency and what you would like to get out of your membership with us. After the assessment is all done, we will book you in for the next step…

  2. Program show / Follow up:

    Our fitness instructor will have prepared a comprehensive gym program ready to show you in this session. We will take you through the general outlook of the workouts, and show you any exercises you are unsure about. Once you are competent and happy to move on, you will have your own set of workouts ready to follow along to each time you come to the gym.

If you want to take your training to the next level, speak with one of our personal trainers.

Personal trainers at The Olympic:

At The Olympic we have an awesome range of qualified and experienced Personal Trainers. You will be amazed at the progress you make once you start these sessions. They are experts in reducing body fat, increasing mobility + posture, muscle growth and overall fitness enjoyment.

You can visit HERE to see a range of our P T’s, or speak with reception to find out more.


So if you are wanting real gym results, make sure to ask a professional at The Olympic and get your assessment or personal training underway.


*All of The Olympic Weekly memberships include the Free Fitness Assessment and Program, along with the 3/6/12 Month Lump Sum options. Trials and One Month Memberships do not include this (you can pay for a one off $55 fee instead).