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Make the most out of your health and fitness, by claiming your Two Complimentary Training Sessions at The Olympic with one of our expert trainers.

If you are a current member with us or perhaps looking to join…The Olympic now offers two 30 minute training sessions with one of our expert team trainers…for free!

What does this include?

  • You can go through a workout, get shown the basics or simply do a health check…
  • The trainer will listen and show you to the best of their ability how you can make real improvements.
  • After the first session (which we are sure you will love), you can make a time for a second 30 minute workout to really get things firing!

How can I start this?

  • Speak with the Front Desk – They can help arrange a time for you.
  • Email
  • Or speak with one of the awesome trainers in the gym…
  • Make sure to give them any notes or information before the session that they might find useful.

Just a little happy note: We may need up to 2 working days to arrange the first session for you. All the stars need to align and we want the session to be of great value to you.


I had an assessment once before…Am I entitled to this?

  • Absolutely you are.
  • All members and new members are entitled to 2 x 30 minute complimentary sessions

Can I specify the trainer?

  • You can ask for a specific Olympic trainer, but we can not guarantee that they will be available.
  • We will try our best to get the right trainer for your needs.


We hope that you make the most of this great offer, and we are certain that you will love what our team can bring to your training sessions.