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A healthy lifestyle is more than just working out consistently; it needs to filter into every aspect of your day-to-day. However, maintaining one’s drive and mindset can be difficult, especially when it is so easy to fall back into an old routine. Improving your fitness level starts with deciding on getting healthy and not just searching for gyms in Auckland to sign up with as a “quick fix.” A part of that decision is also considering how you eat and changing the bad eating habits you have developed over the years.

Here are some helpful tips on which convenient foods need to be adapted for better eating and health.

Just A Quick Burger 

A burger once in a while is not much of an issue, but it does become a problem when it’s your go-to choice when you feel hungry and are short of time. Substitute with whole-wheat buns, consider vegetarian options, and see out those fresh ingredients in your burger for a start. Skip the fries completely or try green bean fries. The bread in your burger has your carbs covered… you really don’t need potato too.  Many fast-food outlets now serve more options catering to healthy lifestyles, so your burger can still be fast and tasty but without all the grease.

Pizza Perfect 

Not many can resist an extra cheesy slice of delicious pizza. It can be your first choice for a night in and makes for a more affordable sharing meal. However, it can also end up being an oily, thick trap. Try a gluten-free base that’s baked in a wood-oven and choose a thin-crust. For more nutritional value, add non-processed meats and more avocado to substitute excessive amounts of cheese and toppings.

Improve Your Curries 

The temptation for a spicy butter chicken or lamb korma curry is a hard one to dismiss. Unfortunately you need to be aware that many curries are loaded with high fat calorific ghee and cream. Ask for a side dish of vegetables as part of your meal, and skip the naan bread.

Starting off with small changes. and increased awareness of what you are eating, will support your fitness journey and your lifestyle goals. Do not think about it as a diet that deprives you of delicious things.  Approach it from a perspective of aiming to feel fantastic. There are so many cookbook options now that focus on express food prepared at home in no time at all. Ditch the convenience takeaways and give it a go.

At The Olympic Gym, our professional and expert team of trainers can advise you on how to make better decisions for your body to increase your health and wellbeing.