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Summer is coming, and you should keep on training

…the closer it gets to the end of the year, quite often the harder it gets to maintain motivation to keep training. The sunshine starts to distract you at the office, and the thought of soaking up the rays outside, with some snacks and a beverage, seems like a very good idea. And it is…but don’t let that keep you from getting in your daily workouts. In fact, it is this time of the year that is the most important to ensure you are keeping your health and fitness in check…

Why? Because it is the “silly season” and by that we mean… Office Christmas parties, end of year events, gatherings, BBQs…the opportunity to indulge and blow your diet is at an all-time high.

So how do to ensure the results of our hard work don’t go to waste?

Simple…keep getting in your daily workout…and keep training over summer.

You will be amazed at the difference it can make, by ensuring that your metabolism, cardio, strength…maintain, or even improve… In comparison to “not having time” or spending that 30 minutes doing nothing. If 30 minutes is all you think you can spare…? Then use that 30 minutes! A little workout is better than no workout, and you can even squeeze #TheArena HIIT class at The Olympic. Heck, you will burn around 500 calories in that short time.

When you skip your workouts, your body goes into “lazy mode”…It starts to become used to the fact that it doesn’t need to feel healthy, has lots of muscle, strength…that is when you begin to feel flat, sloppy…we all know the feeling…when you don’t train over summer, or skip days.

Do the best you can do, to fit in some sort of daily exercise…

Your body will love you for it. And you will keep that beach body you had been working so hard to obtain…” all summer long” –  (Kid Rock voice).

If you aren’t a member of The Olympic…then you can find our Summer Scorcher membership HERE… You don’t have to commit for a long period of time, but still, get all of the great features we have to offer.