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There are so many weird and wonderful types of exercise available these days. Yoga classes, CrossFit, boxing, pole dancing – the list just goes on and on!  It can be almost overwhelming when making a decision to get fit and healthy because there are just so many options out there! Let’s take a look at Zumba – one of our favourite ways of staying fit and losing weight.

But Wait! Just What is Zumba?

That’s a very good question – and one that’s easy to answer. Zumba is a form of dance exercise. It is performed to loud music and combines a series of high intensity and low intensity moves that are designed to give you a complete workout. It’s heaps of fun and you can actually forget that you’re there to work out and lose weight – instead, you’ll be caught up in the rhythm and the groove, having the time of your life.

The Health Benefits of Zumba

Zumba has many benefits. It is primarily a form of cardio workout – which leads to good health, weight loss and high levels of stamina and endurance. Unlike boot camps – you can have a bit of fun while doing it and anything fun is great for your stress levels and overall peace of mind. It is also effective strength training and conditioning workout. You will burn heaps of calories, and improve your balance and flexibility all while having an absolute blast! Can you think of any other form of exercise that gives you a comprehensive workout while still being fun?! It sure beats half an hour on the treadmill or exercise bike, that’s for sure!

A Brief History of Zumba

So where did this crazy idea come from? It actually originated in Columbia during the 1990’s. An aerobics instructor forgot his CD and put on the only music that he had on him, which was traditional Latin music. He taught a class on the spot and Zumba was created! Now more than 6 million people use this fun form of exercise every week. Zumba is named after the Columbian slang word for “fast

What to Expect at Your First Zumba Class

If you want to try Zumba for the first time, try heading down to your local gym in Newmarket. It can be daunting trying something for the first time – especially when you have to dance in front of a bunch of strangers, but don’t worry; everyone is there for the same reason – to get fit and stay fit.

You will probably get the moves wrong on your first time and that’s okay – just try to follow the teacher and lose yourself in the music and the moment – we can pretty much guarantee that you’ll have the time of your life and be hooked! Check out your local Zumba class at The Olympic for more information.

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