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When it comes to working out, everyone wants to find that key to success. From the type of exercise they do to the time of day that they do it, people tinker with their routines to promote lasting results.

Trends come and go in the fitness industry, but one idea that seems to be holding some weight is small group training. Bringing together around 4 to 10 people, small group training focusses on the ‘who’ of working out to try and create a more enjoyable exercise experience.

If personal training is too intense for you and running with a large crowd of strangers doesn’t seem fun either, small group training might be right for you. Let’s look at a few of the benefits now.

  1. Personalised Attention Means Personalised Results

Whether or not it’s right for you, group exercise certainly has its benefits. One of the things you’re less likely to get out of large groups though, is one-on-one time with your trainer. In these smaller classes you’ll definitely get time with the instructor, leading to a range of benefits.

More attention means you may have the benefit of having an incorrect technique adjusted and the instructor will work closely to see what training methods best work for your body. A more personalised experience is also more likely to lead to faster, tailored results – a major plus.

  1. More Money in Your Pocket

Even if the idea of personal training doesn’t scare you away, the price tag attached to it might. Individual personal training sessions do vary in price but one thing is for sure – more class members means less cost for you. Small group training balances the benefits of personal training with the cost-effectiveness of group training.

  1. Support and Camaraderie

Sometimes the easiest way to make exercise enjoyable is to add a social aspect to it. Small group training does this without forcing you into a large and intimidating environment.

A lot of the time a group of friends will sign up for training together, but even if you don’t know the other participants you will soon. The smaller group sizes mean greater socialisation, greater support and more motivation for that one last set.

  1. No More Competition

When you exercise in large groups, there’s always those select few that want to make everything a competition. While some people thrive on this, others are overwhelmed by the idea. Small group training promotes a friendly environment that allows participants to grow together and strive for mutual goals without making everything about winners and losers.

  1. You’ll Want to Keep Coming Back

As well as the social factor, working in a small group will allow your experienced trainer to recognise when your group’s needs are evolving. This means they can mix up your program, preventing boredom and keep you coming back.

As well as this, studies have shown that group goals can increase not only commitment but also performance!

So whether you’re a business person who’s short on time or just a mum who wants some extra motivation, have a look into small group training. If you live around Auckland, our programs at the Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre might be a good place to start.

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