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Hey, you…want to make huge improvements to your health and fitness. Well, why not try HIIT training? HIIT training has so many benefits which will make you fall in love with it. Below we have illustrated what it is, what it can do for you, and how you can incorporate it into your routines.

First of all…What is HIIT?

High-Intensity Interval Training is what HIIT stands for…which in more simple terms means, “short sharp fast exercises, with rest/pauses in between sets”. The method of training has become very popular in the last few years…but is a training method which has been used for a very very long time… So long ago, that the legendary Spartans used to train with HIIT (see the movie 300 if you want to be inspired by those guys and girls). 


What type of training does it include?

The type of training/methods is pretty much endless. Basically, you can incorporate the ‘method’ into any type of exercise(s)….whether that be weights /skipping/swimming/ cycling…using HIIT can be a useful tool.

Rather than going for a long period at a low/medium effort level, you are maximizing effort immediately for interval’s adding in a short rest period to give your body and breathe the time it needs to recover before the next set. As a result, you won’t have to go for 1 hour long runs to burn a massive amount of calories. You can be just as efficient over a 30-minute session. 


How would I use it in the gym?

The best way to utilize HIIT in the gym is by setting up multiple exercises in a circuit. You can use things like kettlebells and battle ropes (big heavy ropes). Using these for a certain amount of reps before changing…or an even easier option is to follow along to the clock. A good split of time is 45 seconds on, with 15 seconds short rest. Simple as that…add it to your cycling…45 seconds hard…15 seconds rest…or 45 seconds hill climb…15 seconds sprint…15 the second rest…, as a result, you will be maximizing your fitness. 

If you would like, can play around with an interval that you like…. to increase your heart rate…keep it at a high level…as a result, find out what works for you. 


What are the benefits of doing HIIT training?

  1. It burns a huge amount of calories, in a short period. 
  2. You increase your anaerobic fitness. 
  3. Burning calories…burning fat. 
  4. Build and tone muscles. 
  5. Potentially reduce resting heart rate and blood pressure* (see more here)

How can I incorporate this into my workout routines?

There are many ways to incorporate HIIT…and the best is by going to group fitness classes. By doing this you will have a professional instructor motivate, and take you through a high-quality circuit. Most gyms have HIIT classes that will get you started, typically running for 30 minutes. The Olympic has THE ARENA, which is an awesome 30 minute HIIT session which operates out of the gym. This class, The Arena class happens every weekday morning, lunch and evening. There are plenty of times available, with great instructors….so there is no excuse to miss it. 

Keep on training

Incorporating HIIT will give you many benefits, and is something we highly recommend! As a result, you will be fitter, stronger and hopefully…reach your goals. 

The Arena at The Olympic