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It’s a difficult question to answer in one fell swoop. “Take the time to really be aware of your body and what it is telling you” warns Personal Trainer Angela Brown. “More members than I care to say, don’t, in fact listen carefully to what their body is so clearly telling them. They figure that it will be better to push on, but if you took just one or two days off and rested, you would in fact come back better and sooner. With your exercise routine, take the long view. There is no rush. And a few days now could save you from being unwell for months; or worse, make you even sicker.”
When you are feeling knocked about, or under the weather, or coughing and coughing and cough…well, you get the picture. The safest bet is to rest; your body needs it.

Now, if you simply cannot handle the idea of missing a session, then downsize your intensity and also the duration of your workout.
With typically unpredictable Auckland weather, a good idea, if you must exercise, is to try walking on our new Treadmills. Avoid overdoing the incline. This is not a time to look at pushing your capabilities.

Germ warfare!

Be considerate of other members. You don’t want them to catch your germs, and while we don’t think you have to be quarantined, at least keep your towel with you throughout your time in the gym and wipe down everything you use. We have disinfectant spray-bottles with disposable hand towels located throughout the gym for all members to use. But if you are self-conscious of coughing and spluttering as you go, you can always visit during non-peak hours – which is a kind of self-induced quarantine.
The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre will still be here when you get well, so don’t overdo it.