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All our members who exercise at The Olympic can now change-up their routine with the addition of new gym equipment.

The regular morning trainers were some of the first to use the new gear, and they noticed the additional space gained because of the new configuration.

“This is awesome, there seems to be more room too,” said Group Fitness Instructor Jody Murray.
Murray said he was an avid user of the gym equipment at other fitness centres as well, but that The Olympic was a long-time favourite
“All going to plan, I hope to be doing all I can to stay fit here, and with new equipment I reckon I’m sorted for a long time to come” said Murray.
With lots of different types of people using the gym, the equipment was there to help members get the results they wanted, faster and in a great new environment.

Gym manager Alex Jacobi said they had received the go-ahead earlier this year to purchase new equipment “It’s the right time,” Jacobi said.
“Staff will be available to help our members if they have any questions or need any guidance with the new machines. The response has been fantastic! Just like our members, we are always trying to improve.” said Jacobi.