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Do you feel like you’re making every one of your gym sessions count? If not, you aren’t alone. Many people visit Auckland gyms with specific health and fitness goals in mind, only to leave every session feeling like they aren’t any closer to experiencing the benefits they expected. No person wants to waste their time and money on a schedule that isn’t bringing them closer to meeting their goals. Thankfully, paying attention to a few workout tips could help you get the most out of every minute you spend working out. Here’s some advice from the Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre on how to make your next session a winning one.

Tip #1: Avoid Indecisiveness – Have A Plan

The purpose of an exercise plan is to help you avoid wasting time wandering around the gym, not knowing which equipment to try next or which exercise move to focus on. The more time you spend trying to decide, the less time you leave to actually work out. Try to plan what types of exercise you’re going to do and the amount of time you’ll spend doing each one. Make sure that you have a plan B in case the equipment you require is in use at the time.  Your Olympic fitness membership includes a full fitness assessment and personal program, so we’ve got the planning covered! All of your re-assessments and new programmes are included too!

Tip #2: Avoid Distractions

Text notifications on your phone or even watching shows while working out can be distracting. It’s a far better idea to turn off your phone or at least switch it onto aeroplane mode. Your gym session is an important time – but only if you’re giving it the attention it deserves.

Tip #3: Shorten Your Rest Periods

An effective way to heighten the efforts of even the shortest gym session is to restrict your rest periods between reps or circuits. Short rest periods are beneficial and they keep your heart rate from returning to its usual, pre-exercise rate. This translates to a longer time spent being challenged, which leads to more calories burnt and improved endurance rates. Another alternative (should your current routine no longer be as challenging as it used to be) is to try adding weights to your workout. This will make your muscles work harder and get your heart rate pumping again.

Tip #4: Track your progress

Whether you log your results for each exercise routine manually on paper or through an app, the act of recording them (as well as your increased capacity for reps and weights) will help you stay challenged and motivated.

The above tips and tricks will optimise your workout regime to give you the results you want in a more efficient manner. If you’re looking for a gym in Auckland to get started in, visit The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre for advice.