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Let’s face it – with a busy lifestyle, staying active and fit can be challenging on a good day. Add in the chills and shivers that come with winter, and you may consider throwing in the (gym) towel altogether. However, don’t let the cold weather ruin your fitness goals. Instead, adopt a few of these tips to stay active and motivated this winter:

Shift Your Schedule, Not Your Routine

Instead of giving up on your normal weekly routine in terms of the hours you spend exercising, try changing your schedule to fit the colder weather better. For example, if you’re a morning person, move your start time a bit later after the sun has had a chance to warm up the air a bit. Evening gym enthusiasts can move their gym time to an earlier slot if possible, so they can finish off their training and get home earlier.

Get Some Winter Warmers

Motivate yourself by buying some new winter-friendly active gear that’s more suited to the colder months. Yes, its self-bribery, but it’s also functional as it will help you navigate the chilly weather in comfort and style.

Take It Inside

If you’re used to outdoor activity, staying fit during winter may be more than daunting. Don’t call it quits – rather change to indoor fitness training. Once winter has run its course, you can go back to working out outdoors.  At The Olympic we have a couple of different short term membership options to see you through those frosty days.

There’s Power In Numbers

Consider joining a group of some sort, like a spinning, yoga or high-intensity training class. This will help keep you accountable, motivated and on track.

Keep Your Eye On The Prize

Remember, after winter comes summer. Keep a reminder of your goals in sight to remind yourself to stay on track. If you’re feeling creative, this could be a vision or mood board. Even a phone screensaver of the beach or a race finish line works as a great reminder of what you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Reward Yourself For Your Hard Work

Add a reward component to your routine. For instance, a soak in the spa, or snuggling up to a mug of hot chocolate or soup after each gym session. Find something that brings you a bit of simple pleasure and use it as an incentive to stick to your training routine.

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