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11 day Winter Warmer plan. 


Blast up your core temperature with a powerful 11-day workout plan that’ll get you back on track.


The comfort of the house or apartment on a cold day is too easy to get used to. This leads to complacency with your training and overall health. Here at The Olympic, we want to get you back on a positive path, one that will heat you up, and get you feeling great with an 11-day winter warmer.


The overall idea with this Winter Warmer is to 1) get you back into training routines…. 2) improve your overall wellbeing….3) create a platform for a daily application of health and fitness. If you aren’t a member of The Olympic, you can purchase our Winter Warmer here:


Day 1:

Impact Session –

Let’s smash things off literally. Impact is The Olympic’s kickboxing group fitness class, and it is a 45-minute session of punching, kicking, and core. We have a few legendary instructors who are here to inspire and push you to your enjoyable limits. Impact is ideal for people of all fitness levels. There are gloves available to borrow at the group fitness studio, or you can simply bring your own.


Day 2:

Coreflex / Spa and Sauna –

Let it burn…. Our Coreflex class works your abs as you have never felt before. 45 minutes of pilates and core strengthening exercises will have you feeling like you have Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 6 pack. Our core is so important to our overall strength and posture, so get in and get into Coreflex. Finishing off the session, or maybe later into the day, relax your body and soul in The Olympic Spa Pool and Sauna room. Both sit at lovely relaxing temperatures, created to reduce stress and a perfect time to stretch out and focus on breathing.

Day 3:

20 Minutes of Cardio, followed by gym exercises or circuit machines.

Today is your choice….
Begin with any cardio machine of your preference…it could be anything from the Concept 2 rowing machines, treadmills, or ellipticals. Get your heart rate pumping, and the sweat flowing. Our cardio equipment is top of the line, and you can even distract yourself by watching Netflix or Youtube. Try and reach a heart rate of 160…make this your goal.


After you make your 20-minute quota, apply yourself to 3 exercises of your choice in the gym or circuit area. There are many different exercises such as the bench press, shoulder press, squats or deadlifts for in the gym. Or if you prefer to use the circuit equipment, you can find a great description and illustration on each machine…we have our Olympic trainers there to help if you need any.


Day 4:

Rest and recover.

Day 5:

Arena Session –

The Olympic Arena training session is a 30-minute power circuit. It is an absolute heater of HIIT (High-intensity interval training)… Don’t let the cage intimidate you, this session is perfect for all levels of strength and fitness. It is a great chance to get up close and personal experience with our Olympic trainers.


Day 6: Swim!

The Olympic 50m pool is an absolute beauty. We have lane space available at all hours of operation. Make sure to find some time on this day to hop into the pool and do some laps. It is recommended to spend at least 25 minutes to create a good workout….if you have struggle swimming for this long, make sure to take breaks and apply rest in between lengths. If swimming isn’t your thing, try water walking or running in the shallow end.


Day 7: Sauna / Steam Room –

Simply enjoy these facilities that The Olympic offers. Make sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and feeling great.


Day 8: Spin class –

Time to push those legs up and down the hills over a 45-minute spin session. The Olympic spin class will get you sweating like crazy while enjoying an awesome atmosphere in our specially designed studio. The instructors are masters of motivation, and the music is sure to pump you up.


Day 9: Yoga

After a tough workout in the Spin studio, it is time to re-center your body with Yoga in our Group Fitness studio. Here you can find a place to focus on breathing, stretching and strengthening your core. The Olympic has a number of highly qualified Yoga instructors who will put you through a tough but enjoyable workout. Make sure to bring your own Yoga mat, or simply rent one from reception.  


Day 10: Freedom –

Choose a class of your liking to participate in. We will leave it up to you to decide on one that you have enjoyed and want to try again.

Day 11: Gym / Swim / Sauna

Today you should make the most of your past 10 days of workouts. Come into the facility and make yourself a workout with the gym equipment. Hop into the pool and swim some laps, or do some water walking. Finish it all off with a long relaxing sauna and spa.


Once you make it to the end, you will be sure to be feeling on top of the world. Hopefully, this has sparked an ignition within yourself to want to continue training and using the aquatic facilities.


The Olympic has amazing deals on short and long term memberships to keep your training going. Make sure to check these out here, or simply speak to reception for more information.


Sign up to our $11 for 11 day’s – Winter Warmer