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One of the biggest excuses for not exercising would have to be the weather. It always seems to be too hot or too cold to work up a sweat, making it much easier to lounge around on the couch.

In the modern age of exercise though, inconvenience is no longer an excuse. A range of indoor exercises have made hard work simpler, easier and more fun. One of the best indoor activities available would have to be cycling or spin classes. It combines all the benefits of regular bike riding with the convenience of a roof over your head.

To learn more about indoor cycling, here are 10 great advantages that it provides. 

  1. It Gets Your Heart Rate Moving

Aerobic activity is one of the most important aspects of cardiovascular health.

With a trainer putting you through your drills, an indoor cycling class should get your heart pumping vigorously, helping to lower your risk of heart and artery disease as well as lowering your blood pressure.

  1. Strengthen Your Muscles and Your Bones

With your muscles exerting continuous and repetitive force, you’re sure to increase the strength in your leg muscles, including your quads and hamstring. As well as great looking legs, this will have positive effects for your bones and tendons too.

  1. Feel the Burn – The Calorie Burn

Let’s face it – we all exercise to burn off calories and reduce our body fat. Indoor cycling is a great way to do this, with some individuals burning up to 800 calories in a 1 hour session.

  1. Wind Resistance Without the Wind

Of course there is the obvious benefit of indoor cycling, that you don’t need to brave the elements to get a good workout. With different resistance settings however, you can still enjoy a change of pace and work your muscles in different ways

  1. Low Impact Exercise

High intensity doesn’t necessarily mean high impact too. If you follow correct technique in a spin class, the exercise doesn’t damage your joints, hips, or knees.

  1. Stress Less

You might think that those endorphins you get from exercise are just a myth but they are in fact very real. You could get a rush from indoor cycling that not only makes you feel great, but lowers your stress levels and even gives a boost to your immune response.

  1. An Exercise for Any Age

No matter how young or old you are, anyone can have fun and experience the benefits of indoor cycling. Your cycling program can be tailored to your ability while still encouraging you to pursue personal goals.

  1. An Ideal Warm-Up

Indoor cycling is a great way to warm you up and increase your energy before other exercise. Particularly when it comes to sports, cycling can be a great pre-game routine.

  1. Benefits Beyond the Day

When people finish their cycling sessions they often feel energised and satisfied and these effects don’t end there. Your heart and lungs will continue to thank you in the long term as long as you keep up the habit. 

  1. Traffic-Free Fun

Being indoors, you don’t need to worry about road traffic slowing you down, or worse, knocking you down. Indoor cycling is safe, fun and time efficient.

If you love the idea of indoor cycling The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre’s Peloton, a cycling session that puts you, your fitness goals and an enjoyable experience at the head of the pack.

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