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There are plenty of great benefits to exercise – from the social aspects to the increased fitness – but let’s be honest here – nothing beats a brilliant bum.

Whether you call it a superior posterior, or a bodacious behind, everyone wants a radiant rear end.

If you want cheeks that make you smile, it’s time to focus on your glutes. With a few simple gluteal exercises, you can take the important first steps to a butt-kicking behind.

So without any further delay, here are a few of our favourite techniques to help you achieve a booty that will be the treasure of your physique.

Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Squeeze in a Few Squats

If you want a delightful derriere, start by squeezing some squats into your exercise routine. Squatting is an all-encompassing lower body workout, targeting not just your glutes, but your legs, hips and back too!

If you specifically want to whip your bum into shape (and honestly, why wouldn’t you!) it’s important to squat down as low as you can. This will ensure that you are targeting your gluteal muscles, helping you to tone your toosh.

Make sure you’re not doing more harm than good with your squat. Stand with your legs shoulder width apart and make sure your toes point out slightly. Always talk to a professional if you’re unsure.

Progress to Some Hip Lifts

The next thing on your cheek checklist is some hip-lift progressions. This technique involves lying on your back, lifting your hips and experiencing the butt-enhancing benefits. Let us walk you through this simple technique.

Start by lying on your back with your arms flat on the floor by your side. Your knees should be bent and your feet should be flat on the floor too, forming a triangular shape.

Next, you’re going to lift your hips towards the ceiling, raising that brilliant bum of yours. Squeeze your glutes at the top of the motion, hold for 1 count and then repeat for 60 seconds.

Get Some Balls and Build a Bridge

Don’t worry – we’re still talking about bums here. The balls we’re referring to are stability balls and the bridge you will be building is all part of a leg curl.

Start by lying on your back with a stability ball out by your feet. Lift up your legs and rest them on your stability ball.

Pressing your heels into the ball, lift your body off the floor. This will form that bridge we were talking about.

We’re not done yet though. Next you will need to contract your butt and hamstrings and curl the ball towards you by lifting your knees until they form a right angle. You should be feeling a contraction where your butt meets your hamstrings. Hold this for about a second, extend your legs back out to the bridge and repeat!

So there you have it, just 3 brilliant techniques to achieve an enviable rear end. If you want to know more about the exercises and equipment that can give your bum a boost, talk to our team at The Olympic Pools & Fitness Centre.

Located in Newmarket, Auckland, we’re professionals in all things posterior – no buts about it.

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