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We think it is great that people find The Olympic a comforting place to spend time with loved ones and partners. But we also need to be aware of how certain actions may impact other peoples space and comfort.

Here is more information about what is OK and what is NOT OK in terms of Public Displays of Affection at the facility.

What is OK:

  • Hugging – With clothing on
  • Holding hands
  • Light kiss on the cheek
  • Arm around the shoulder
  • Quick “peck” on the lips


What is not OK:

  • Hugging with clothing off (togs included)
  • Lengthy kissing
  • Intimate massaging
  • Sexual stimulation
  • Sexual acts of any kind


When in a public area, we must be courteous and considerate of all people around us. If any person within the facility is breaching the appropriate levels, please consult one of the staff members.

The rules above apply to any couple or group – regardless of sexual orientation.

The Olympic does not stand for any homophobic or discriminatory actions, and members / staff who make unfair accusations will be met with serious consequences.