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Get engaged with group fitness sessions at The Olympic Pools and Fitness Centre. With an awesome range of class styles and instructors, we can help motivate your passion. Group fitness is all about engaging with your body, mind, and the community of active members around you. 

Why do we keep mentioning engagement? 

Because engagement is the key to enjoyment and success. The more present and committed to the activity, the greater you want to be involved. By getting involved in group fitness, we help you engage in so many ways. 

Engage with our instructors:

The friendly team of fitness instructors at The Olympic are here to be more than a microphone and training manual. 

Our instructors are there to:

  • Motivate YOU
  • Instruct YOU
  • Include YOU
  • Take YOU through an awesome workout  

Engage with your style:

We offer a wide range of training sessions at The Olympic, such as Spin, Yoga, Kickboxing and so much more. If you would like, you can check out our group fitness timetable to find the right classes for you! this can be viewed HERE

Engage with our community of members:

The majority of the other people in the class are simply there to better themselves. That is really what it all comes down to. We have a wonderful group of members at The Olympic, and the group fitness classes are a perfect chance to see familiar faces and get to know people. You will find your enjoyment flying sky high. We even offer a Punch and Brunch on Saturdays, so members can engage with each other over an awesome $13 breakfast at Aqua Cafe

Engage with no distractions:

At a group fitness class, phones are away, and instructors are in charge. We try to create an environment where there is nothing to worry about, except being involved and enjoying your session. 


Give group fitness a go, and get engaged with group fitness sessions at The Olympic. We hope that this blog gives you a bit of motivation to try some classes, find your fit, and become more involved with the community.