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Summer is becoming a distant memory as we begin to pull out our winter woollies from the back of the wardrobe. Now is the time to think about preparing for winter ills with an emergency kit of natural remedies to build your immunity against coughs and colds before the season changes.

1. Keep hydrated

A dehydrated body is more susceptible to viruses. Keep a bottle of water nearby. You may also like to try drinking a cup of Lemon and Ginger Tea- a great start to the cold mornings approaching. BE WELL TEA is a good one to try.

2. Prebiotics and Probiotics

Did you know that 70% of your immunity lies in your intestinal tract?

Probiotics are friendly bacteria that live in your gut and help reduce the number of harmful bacteria in our intestines. Probiotic supplements are a fast and easy way to ensure that the immune portion of your gut remains fully functional during winter.
Prebiotics are special food sources that fuel and nourish friendly probiotic bacteria. Common prebiotics include miso soup, garlic, onions, spring onions, and leeks.

3. Vitamin D

It’s an important part of the immune system and people who have low vitamin D levels have a higher chance of developing the flu

Almost half of the NZ population is likely to have insufficient vitamin D.
As the sun on our skin is the major source of vitamin D it is important in the winter months – head outside for 30minutes of sunshine during the day. Increase your food sources with oily fish (salmon, tuna, sardines) eggs and liver.

4. Vitamin C and Olive Leaf

Vitamin C cannot be stored in our body so having colourful veggies (broccoli, beetroot, pumpkin) and fruits (kiwifruit, feijoas, mandarins). Supplementing with Vit C can be beneficial -1000mg three times per day will help support your immune system, keep your energy levels up, and help to relieve achey muscles.

Olive Leaf– nature’s most potent antibiotic, specific for supporting immune function and boosting a body’s natural immune response to winter ills and chills.

5. Zinc

Zinc is an essential mineral that has a crucial role to play in maintaining our immune systems. Our soils in NZ are very low in zinc which means that even if we eat a lot in our diet we will not get enough zinc. Oysters, beef and lamb are good sources of zinc, and if a supplement is needed best taken before bed to support great absorption.

Don’t forget to look out for white spots on your nails – this is a sign of low zinc stores.

Nikki Martin

Nikki is a highly enthusiastic, very dedicated and a motivational Personal Trainer/Nutritionist and believes in considering every aspect of a clients lifestyle when designing a training and nutritional program to meet their goals, such that the program becomes a part of their lifestyle change.

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