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Here we are at the end of April New Year’s Resolutions are history, abandoned in the wake of lapsed plans for many people. But no matter what – The spark for self-improvement never dies, no matter who you are.
As a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, I have learnt over the years that everyone has those days where their performance or mindset suffer when it comes to working out.
When I am taking clients through their initial PT consultation I ask them “Do you have any health issues or injuries that I need to know about?” Some bring to my attention areas of interest.  But often I’m given the answer “No, I’m all good”. The workout progresses and Voila’ the list starts getting rattled off. Concerns are varied. A niggly knee, tight hamstrings, regular headaches, anxiety when heart-rate increases, diabetes, incontinence, irregular heartbeat, plantar fasciitis (the most popular one for 2015).

Unfortunately as we get older this list can get a bit longer. Age is just a number. If you stay fit and healthy and “Keep Moving to keep Improving” then you should be able to stay youthful and vital, even invincible! Well, I turned 40 this year and my ideas changed tout de suite. I can laugh now.  I have always been very lucky in that my body weight rarely fluctuated much (except during pregnancy of course) and I was relatively injury free.
Anyway the week of my birthday my weight went up a kilo (did I have that much cake?)  then literally 1 week after that  I hurt my back.

As we age YES we do need to work that extra bit harder/smarter whether it be to keep weight off or on, to stay injury free, to build & maintain your cardiovascular fitness, to be able to touch your toes, to lift your own bodyweight in a chin up, to get up and down off the floor with ease.

Fitness is a journey, and each journey is different. Our fitness levels, body composition, lifestyle and personalities are unique…that’s what makes us so COOL.

2 tips I would recommend to help you maintain your fitness

At any age with less injuries along the way

  • Keep moving to keep improving

    Keep those joints and muscles mobile and strong to ease the load.

  • Stretch the body

    If Yoga is not your thing then take at least 5 min out of your day to do some basic stretches. I guarantee you’ll feel better for it. Your mind and body

Angela Brown

Angela operates her own fitness based company called DNA FITNESS alongside her husband David Brown. This successfully combines Personal Training, Group Fitness and Boot-camps. Their FUN & exciting approach to fitness has earnt them the reputation throughout the industry as being unique and innovative trainers. Angela loves giving her clients a motivating training session where they work effectively, achieve their goals and most importantly experience a positive and enjoyable workout.

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