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The Cup at The Olympic

Celebrate with membership specials and awesome in-house promotions

Test Yourself

Gym Challenges

Participate in weekly challenges during the duration of the tournament.

These will change each week, giving you a new strength and cardio challenge.

Take charge, make progress and test yourself against others.

Show us your power

Win Yourself a Free Month

It is not just the rugby players who are working hard during Cup. We want to see what you are made of.

Over the 7 weeks during the tournament, if you attend 32 times to The Olympic, you will be gifted with 4 weeks free on your account.

How awesome! Now time to get to work.

32 x Visits is counted as 32 workouts. Minimum 30 minute session per entry.

Join Today

Membership Specials

Join The Olympic during The Cup and sign up on a very special rate.

Plus you won’t pay the $20 joining fee and you’ll get a week free after joining.

Limited to the 12 Month minimum term contracts only.