Full Gym Memberships

Start meeting your fitness goals today, with our flexible full auckland gym memberships. Starting with monthly packages, we don’t ask you to make a massive, long term, upfront commitment. Instead, we give you monthly access to all of our group fitness classes, equipment and facilities at both the pool and the gym facilities. When you buy our memberships online, you’ll start benefiting straight away. Sign up now and we’ll start helping you immediately, by cutting your joining fee.

Excellent Equipment and Great Group Classes

Not only will these memberships give you full access to our equipment and our expertise, you’ll be able to participate in group fitness classes too. Ranging from hard core workouts to yoga and even Zumba, there are classes in all shapes and sizes to suit every participant. Complement your regime with some social, personalised and fun classes, all led by a fitness professional.

An Olympic Pool with Excellent Facilities

Our Olympic sized swimming pool is great for recreational users and serious swimmers alike. You won’t just get access to our lanes though. With a full membership you can enjoy our steam room, our sauna and our spa after you’ve finished swimming laps, a workout or a class. You’re not going to find those sorts of benefits at many gyms.

Explore the deals below and sign up. Our memberships are great for everyone. Whether you’re just giving it a try or taking your fitness to the next level, we’re here for you.

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