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The Future:

Let’s Finish The Job

In 2019 it will be 80 years since the construction commenced on The Olympic Pool in Newmarket.

For the last 25 years The Olympic Pool and Fitness company have been the guardians of the facilities through a unique and very successful private/public partnership with the Auckland Council which ensures there is no cost to the ratepayers.

Management of the facilities by the Olympic Pool and Fitness team have kept this Auckland landmark an integral part of the community. To ensure this community relationship remains strong and facilities are next generation ‘state of the art’ the company is planning a multi million dollar upgrade.


Our Story

The Olympic Pool is part of the lives of generations of Aucklanders whether it be the serious business of learning to swim, keeping fit or just a fun day out.

  • Champions have used us and loved us and gone onto glory
  • Next year we will celebrate 80 years of The Olympic pool – creating a world class facility for Auckland and the Auckland community
  • It will also be a celebration of a unique 25 years public/private partnership between The Olympic Pool and Fitness team and the then Auckland City Council
  • The partnership has delivered a unique result – it is financially self sustaining creating the best outcome at no cost to ratepayers
  • The Olympic Pool and Fitness team are planning a multi million dollar upgrade, which will enhance the facilities and environment and offer our loyal patrons, visitors and the wider Auckland community an even better experience

Our History

  • New Zealand’s first 50 metre pool with construction starting in 1939
  • Hosted the Empire Games in 1950 the Pool was for many decades New Zealand’s pre-eminent pool
  • In the early 90’s a Multiplex theatre was built over the pool giving it a roof and an opportunity for redevelopment
  • The Pool has been very successful but after 25 years it needs to be refurbished

The Future

Ten years after the first redevelopment of the pool – The Olympic Pool and Fitness Ltd invested over a million dollars in further development and they replaced the filtration system with ‘state of the art’ new technology.

They now want to make a further investment for the future and finish the job.

The next level of development for the Pool will demolish the old concrete stadium steps (built for the 1950 Empire Games and now disused) and incorporate a whole new entrance from Davis Crescent.

This will allow for new change rooms, easier disabled access, a fully equipped sport shop and larger physio rooms. The improvement will also improve the gym in both its layout, outlook and space.


To enhance the financial sustainability of the building and incorporate exciting environment opportunities, the Olympic Pool and Fitness team are investigating:

  • Reusing rainwater (God’s water!) from the roof
  • Solar power – which will benefit and heat the whole building and Pool

Construction Started

The original pool began construction in 1939.

1940 - 1960

The Olympic Pool Opens

This Art deco building was opened by the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hon William Parry in 1940. As well as being the borough’s only public amenity the Olympic sized swimming pool was a great asset for the whole of Auckland. It has since remained headquarters of competitive swimming in Auckland.

In 1950, the Newmarket Olympic Pool was the venue for the swimming events of the Empire Games (now known as the Commonwealth Games). Undoubtedly the existence of the fine pool in Auckland city led to it hosting the Empire Games that year.

1970 - 1990

The Olympic Pool was in full swing by the 70’s

Besides competitive swimming and general public usage, the Newmarket Olympic Pool is utilised for learning to swim and training, scuba diving organisations and numerous schools and businesses for their swimming sports and we then even had a heavy weight boxing match, directly over the pool.

1993 - 1994 - 1999

Reconstruction started in 1993 and The Olympic Pools and Gym re-opened – 1994

Construction of the Pool as it is today took 2 years. While construction was underway the Pool was filled in to carry the weight of the machinery required to cover the pool and build the cinemas above.

2014 - 2017

75th Jubilee

In 2014 the Pool celebrated 75 years and the Olympic Pool and Fitness Centre celebrated 20 years as guardians of the Pool. Swimmers and VIP’s came together to honour the occasion and there were activities in the pool for all age groups. This was also the year we launched our state of the art Neptune-Benson Defender Filtration system.

Let’s finish the job!

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